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Client Feedback


Margot is "knowledgeable in a way that puts the group at ease. You know how to handle tricky situations (e.g. inappropriate behavior) quickly without making anyone feel singled out. I can't really think of any other way to describe it, but you're just polished, which I use in the Merriam Webster sense of 'characterized by a high degree of development, finish, or refinement : free from imperfections.'"

-- T.W. - Senior Scientist, NASA

"Margot deftly worked with a sub-portion of the team to give hard feedback to the supervisor in order for the team to become more effective and productive.  She has attended numerous all hands meetings in order to facilitate the discussion, bring the team to decision, mediate the uncomfortable blockages of the team and move us forward to decision making much faster than we would have done on our own.  She is able to cut through the undertones and subtext of the conversations and tactfully get and keep us on track for success."

-- R.D. -  VP, Business Development Team, Fortune 500 Government Contractor


"Margot has taught me to understand myself first – there is high value in understanding what your values and goals are, and how you plan to achieve these goals.  Margot has also taught me to listen to my colleagues in a way where I truly understand their values and goals, so that they feel understood and valued.  Margot’s efforts to work with me have had a profound impact in my daily working life with my colleagues – I can see improvements in all of my interactions with my superiors, my peers, my direct reports, and my customers."

-- T.B. - CTO, Senior Technical Fellow, Fortune 100 Government Contractor  

Twisted Staircase

"My personal experience is a testament to her talent.  I have been working with her directly for the last several months and she has helped me develop and continues to develop my own talents so that I can add greater value to the organization I support. 


She has a “magic” ability to assess individuals rapidly, understanding their strengths and weaknesses.  Then, in an honest and direct way (but not scary), she helps those people understand themselves.  Using her extensive knowledge of management tools, she then helps the individuals tailor a plan focused on modifying their behaviors to lead to a higher rate of professional success."

-- K.P. - Associate Contracts Director, Fortune 100 Company

"It was not easy at first. There was homework and preparation on my part but I also saw the time and research Margot had also put into what eventually turned into our coaching sessions. Her ability to ask questions which got me thinking onto   other topics that were holding me back both in my personal life and professional life was like a light bulb going off in my head! Each time this was occurring and I could start to see myself grow and becoming more confident. Through Margot’s teaching and coaching, I was able to identify the issues and then figure out ways to strategize to get through them. Tools that worked for me!"

-- S.R. - Talent Solutions Consultant, Fortune 100 Company

360 Degree Assessment Feedback

"It was clear that you have a broad set of knowledge from which to draw both in a structural context to view the results and concrete mechanisms to employ to strengthen strengths and improve weaknesses.  You identified nuance in the verbatim responses that I would have missed and have enabled me to alter my approach and be more aware of how some of my reviewers are seeing me and the workplace in general.  While the overall message was clearly the same, the clarity in how I wanted to move forward was greatly improved by being able to identify two different framings.

-- D.C. - Senior Executive, Fortune 50 Government Contractor

"It was amazing how insightful you were about me 'out of the gate'.  It was as if you had known me for 20 years.  You brought things to my attention that I eally wasn't aware of - both stenths and areas to be aware of. I never felt judged.  You were careful to lead me to teh answers and insights about my leadership and brand.  I was amazed after 1 session how much insight I gained and a plan for moving forward."

-- J.R. - Senior VP, Fortune 50 Government Contractor

General Feedback

"Margot is one of the most polished and knowledgeable, yet down to earth, high-performing professionals I have worked with. She is highly efficient and effective at everything she does, whether it's leading a special project, coaching/training employees at all levels (in groups or one on one), or running any of the many talent management processes that fall under her. One of her super powers is her amazing ability to quickly boil down a topic or problem and pinpoint the heart of the matter. From there, she can deliver a multitude of knowledge and tools to use toward real solutions. Margot also adjusts her communication style according to her audience to ensure a clear connection. No one ever walks out of Margot's trainings or consulting sessions wondering what to do next. Rather, they walk out feeling empowered and inspired. That's how she rolls!"

-- T.H. - Human Resource Director, Goddard Space Center

"Margot is enlightenment. Her positive impact on an organization and the people within it continues far beyond her own efforts as the people that she works with are able to "pay it forward" and leverage what they've learned to help others do the same. Key to these successes is Margot herself. People believe in her, and know that whatever she chooses to do is going to be done well and turn out to be a success. Margot has significant experience and uncanny intuition about people and organizational/industrial psychology dynamics that she is able to leverage in an objective and non-judgmental way to guide people towards their own personal enlightenment about themselves and others around them. She brings an ever-growing repertoire of diverse and interdisciplinary techniques to the table that she is able to tailor and adapt to guide others to learn how to grow as managers and leaders."

-- D.L. - Senior Analyst, IT Consulting Firm

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