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About Orahill

Orahill is committed to leadership development with a philosophy that good leadership starts with good communication skills and honest self-perception.  With a background and passion for interpersonal communication, and advancement through dynamic change, we provide leadership coaching, facilitation and targeted training with one primary goal: an improved and more effective, you.


Most often, when clients come to us, they know that change is approaching but they don’t know the full picture of what it looks like and how many aspects of their life, or their business it will impact.


They may recognize the need for change, but they might be surprised at its origins. The new ground that’s approaching may not only be unsteady, but uncomfortable as well. They may even be facing an element of embarrassment in not being able to see the critical (and possibly urgent) information that’s needed for the path ahead.


Put simply, change takes commitment. If you are willing to be this honest with yourself, your manager, your colleagues or your company, we are a great match to help you safely navigate the terrain. Regardless of your age, career level, education or employment, the only criteria that qualifies you for the success that comes from this investment, is your willingness to proceed dynamically.


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