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Abstract Architect

 Effective  Facilitation

OCOMM_group with Margot December 2023.jpg

NASA Langley, 2023


Research and interview team's status quo.


Ensure all members are ready for facilitation. Set expectations.


Confirm confidentiality and begin observations of the team in action.


Provide feedback and tip the scales of change.


Develop a go forward plan including accountability.

"Wow, Margot, you had so much energy, I can't believe will still don't want to let you go after 3:00pm:). You navigated the open discussion with flexibility and agility in keeping all discussion relevant and valuable. You made me want to listen. The facilitation is key and you hit a home run with Margot."

-Group Participants, General Services Administration

Staying focused on the root

We have been facilitating succession planning meetings, team off-sites, leadership summits, intact as well as struggling team interactions for over 10 years. The key to our success has been the ability to relate to all members of the team, forge immediate trust and connection, and relate the goals of the team to desired business outcomes.  

Our secret sauce is sound judgement and discretion founded in emotional intelligence. We read the room in the moment; draw out the communication struggles and discern when to facilitate self-group discovery or insert a directive or coaching technique to realign to focus.


"Margot deftly worked with a sub-portion of the team to give hard feedback to the supervisor in order for the team to become more effective and productive.  She has attended numerous all hands meetings in order to facilitate the discussion, bring the team to decision, mediate the uncomfortable blockages of the team and move us forward to decision making much faster than we would have done on our own.  She is able to cut through the undertones and subtext of the conversations and tactfully get and keep us on track for success."

-Senior BD Team, Fortune 500 Government Contractor

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