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Group and Team Development

Our Approach

Discover: Clarify the client’s needs, challenges, and organizational culture. 


Diagnose: Identify root causes contributing to the dysfunction and disconnects that are occurring within the leadership team(s), with specific focus on the structures supporting the team.

Develop: Develop proposed solutions, with our organizational sponsor, that will likely include individual coaching, team coaching, and appropriate training. 

What do you have? 

Group or Team

Governing board chairs and chief executive officers have become aware that no one person—no matter how talented—can meet the rapidly changing and multi-faceted demands of their roles without the support of a high performing executive team. Savvy leaders further understand that simply hiring a team of star performers and expecting that they will know how to work together as a team just doesn’t work. 

Individuals with Independent Agenda's or Team

This approach works by utilizing a coaching-trained and certified team that also brings personal leadership experience and executive-team participation. 

Temporary or Long Term

A team coaching approach that is passionate about leading governing boards or CEO-led executive teams of non-profits, associations, and small to mid-size private sector companies and is committed to creating the circumstances and capabilities that position them and their organizations for success.

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