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Root Focused Facilitation

We have been facilitating succession planning meetings, team off-sites, leadership summits, intact as well as struggling team interactions for over twelve years. The key to our success has been the ability to relate to all members of the team, forge immediate trust and connection, and relate the goals of the team to desired business outcomes.  

Our secret sauce is sound judgement and discretion founded in emotional intelligence. We read the room in the moment; draw out the communication struggles and discern when to facilitate self-group discovery or insert a directive or coaching technique to realign to focus.

Wood Products

Leadership Solutions

Individualized Coaching

Your best resiliency will be built here, in the process of uncomfortable change. But we’re going to create a safe, grounded place for you to “comfortably” rest assured that you will be received in non-judgement and compassion. 

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Targeted Training

With an extensive training catalog, we offer turn-key or dynamically created targeted training to support you, your staff and your organization in a focused way that impacts the individual's growth for the business benefit.

Cultural Resolve

With certified Culture Facilitators and Assessors, we actively discover employees collective regard and determine root causes and root solutions. We translate discoveries into leadership needs and engagement strategies while using people centered techniques to bring intentional employee driven change.

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Coach Training

Training new coaches and supporting the continuing education of our peers.  We provide individual and group mentoring and supervision both externally and in support of internal coach training programs.We offer support for both individualized and small group mentor coaching to help with certification or recertification. 

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