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October 2023: Attachment Styles

Alison Whitmire from Learning in Action joined us to discuss attachment styles, those patterns that were developed early in our lives, influence how we experience ourselves, others, and the world, even as adults. When we, as coaches, can discern and work with our client’s patterns, we can free them from the invisible forces that limit their growth.

In this presentation, we learned:

  • What attachment styles are, how and why they form, and their impact

  • How to identify your client’s patterns from their focus, feelings, and narratives

  • How to work with your client to support their becoming aware of their patterns and creating new narratives and new pathways to greater wholeness.

As part of this event, Alison offered anyone from this group access to a deeper dive on this topic through her coupon to the recorded event above. Enjoy!

CoCo Cafe PPT October 2023
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Our Client's Past - Coaches Coffee Version
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CoCo Cafe Chat October 2023 Attachment Styles
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