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Orahill Values Assessment Debrief

In March of 2024, Margot Halstead debrief her values assessment to a live audience of over 50 coaches featuring a real client. This was done over the course of two hours in honor of developing her fellow coaches and adding a tool to their toolbelt. If you watch this debrief, you will be fully skilled in debriefing her robust values assessment tool complete with engaging exercises. All materials to conduct this assessment are linked below.

Values Assessment Blank 2024
Download PDF • 358KB

Orahill Values Debrief Template
Download DOCX • 1.13MB

Orahill Values Debrief Chat
Download DOCX • 1.13MB

Orahill Values Debrief Transcript
Download DOCX • 1.16MB

Client Completed Values Assessment Buckalew
Download DOC • 118KB


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