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Coach Training

Training new coaches and supporting the continuing education of our peers.  We provide individual and group mentoring and supervision both externally and  in support of internal coach training programs.

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Group Mentor Coaching

This program develops participating coaches’ ability to integrate and practice the Core Competencies at a PCC level, in preparation for their ACC or PCC credentialing or renewal process. Throughout the group sessions, we review, discuss and draw from examples of the ICF Core Competencies, what it looks and feels like to fully embody these competencies, and deepen coaches’ experiential learning by participating in live coaching with observation and discussion.

Investment: ~$2200

ICF PCC Portfolio Assessor

Considering getting or renewing your ACC or PCC certification?  As a certified assessor, you can have your calls reviewed and receive feedback on the likelihood of meeting the ICF markers.

Investment: $350 per call

Individual Mentor Coaching

ICF Mentor Coaching is the advanced level in the professional training process that involves coaching professionals with the skill set required to become a mentor. Individual mentoring is offered for those who wish a personal experience.

Investment: ~$2500 

Coach Supervision

Coaching supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continuously build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and their clients. At its simplest, coaching supervision is about helping coaches get better, be happier, and become more effective for everyone involved.

Investment: ~$800-1500

What Our Clients Say

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Nikki H., Program Manager

Nikki H., Program Manager for internal coaching program
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You are spot on with how you deliver the right feedback at the right time and steering me and others into the best direction. Thank you for your down-to-earth and insightful discernment and expression about where the participants needed to go in the coaching sessions.  They really seemed to respond well to your “let’s be human” call….a refreshing reminder to first be a person and then wield the coaching tactics.

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“As a mentor coach, Margot skillfully paired an in-depth review of the ICF competencies with targeted areas for my coaching growth. Her feedback was always on point and helped me to see where my coaching could be enhanced. She used poignant visuals and clear communication to help me see what I needed to work on. Going through these sessions brought my coaching to the next level. I highly recommend Margot as a mentor coach.”

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