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Targeted Training

We curate our trainings to your needs, desires and outcomes. Here are our most recent offerings:

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Transforming from Awareness to Ally to Advocate

Having those discussions is hard.  Getting comfortable having them is a skill. Knowing when to say something starts with awareness.  Ensuring you have the right thing to say takes knowledge. Doing it takes practice. 

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Coaching Skills for Senior Leaders

The Coaching Skills for Senior Leaders Seminar will begin with an overview of the human mind and its impact on self and social habits, preferences, and fears.  We will introduce the concept of Neuroleadership, where the practice of neuroscience is applied to leading people.  By increasing our understanding of the brain and our natural inclinations, we prepare ourselves to enter into a mindset that is curious, non-judgmental, and open to new possibilities – the essential elements of coaching.  

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Leading with Dignity

The way we treat one another matters.  The question is, What does it look like to treat other in a way that contributes to their health and well-being?  The answer: It looks like honoring their dignity.  If you start from there, the respect and trust will follow. 

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Transitioning to Managing Others

Transitions in leadership are more about what to stop more than what to start.  This course focuses on the individual contributor making that first leap into management and how they can manage the dynamics of the peer/boss transition, stop doing and start managing.

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How to Move from Conflict Averse to Conflict Management

The basis of conflict is highly personal and needs pointed attention to be successful.  A series of classes are already developed and can be adjusted to your team's specific challenges. A variety of lengths and options are available to drive results and lasting change.

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Manager as Coach

Navigating the different titles that a manager "wears" during the day can be daunting.  With a variety of hats to choose from such as colleague, manager, mentor and coach, it can be confusing to know what to wear and when.  The feelings of confusion paired with compassion, and wrapped into the company’s ethical code move the participant from overwhelmed to understood in this highly engaging course.

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 Leading Engaging and Thriving Virtually

Conducting business virtually is now a mainstay of a successful company.  Leading a virtual team demands a unique set of challenges awaiting your mastery.  A variety of techniques offered will pair with your specific virtual environment and provide plenty of opportunity for targeted scenarios to be reviewed and conquered. 

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Becoming a Corporate Athlete:  Saying Yes Means Saying No

When feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy with how a task or project is going, we often default to a go-to response that author Amy Jen Su refers to as “The Pitfalls of Doing” in her book, The Leader You Want to Be: Five Essential Principles for Bringing Out Your Best Self--Every Day.  We’ll review the four pitfalls (I’ll just do it, I’ll just do it now, I’ll just do it myself, I’ll just do it later) and focus on how to set boundaries accordingly. 

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Developing Inspirational Presence

Inspirational leadership without executive presence may seem flat and without impact. Leaders need both in order to be effective.  You can be taught! This class covers the five main elements that need to be developed if you have the desire to lead.  

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Adding Skills to your Emotional Intelligence Toolbelt

No longer a buzz word, "EI" is here to stay.  This offering can be altered to focus on any or all aspects of EI including improving self-awareness, controlling emotional reactions, adapting your communication style to the environment, and improving your ability to be empathetic.   

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Upleveling from Generational Differences to Individual Differences

Learning about the different influences that have made each generation unique is fun and can lead to a deeper understanding of the team that transcends individual differences and difficult dynamics. By participating in this training, all team members will walk away with increased tolerance and a new appreciation for the way their colleagues think and approach various solutions. 

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Adapting to Change

Growth does not exist without change. Whether you, your team or your company needs assistance with adapting to change, this topic can be tailored exactly to the changes happening now in your organization.  

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Moving through Change Successfully

Understanding the process of change management can be overwhelming, yet a strong engagement strategy creating buy-in will make all the difference for your employees. This course can be customized to explain the process of change from various perspectives of both the manager and employee; and will be directly and immediately applicable for the change going on in your company now.

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Leveraging Introverted Leadership 

Whether you are an introverted leader, have introverted employees or your manager is an introvert, raising your awareness of differences will lead to successful communication.  Understanding the strengths of both the introvert and extrovert will lead to the use of skills and unique collaboration to move forward and not distract from progress and development.

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Getting Comfortable with Developmental Conversations

In this course, we address the two fronts to this anxiety – the manager's worries and difficulty in sharing the message.  Both fronts will be addressed to ensure that the next conversation, whether it is in the hall or in a scheduled one-on-one, will be seamless.

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